Headfield CE Junior School


It is essential that children in the 21st century have a wide and far reaching knowledge about information technology and the way it can enhance learning and communication. At Headfield Junior School, each year group has access to a class set of wireless laptops and iPads. The aim is to bring computing into the classroom and improve teaching and learning across all subjects. 

Computing work from across school


The computing curriculum is taught across all year groups and children learn a range of skills. These skills are built on year each year as children complete projects, often linked to their Cornerstones topic. Children in all years learn about esafety, how to code and debug programs, presenting information, the internet and it's uses, as well as having the opportunity to explore a variety of software and apps. 

Computing Policy

The main projects in each year group are:


Touch Typing

Would you like to be able to type at speed? Why not follow the link below to practice at home what you have been learning in lessons and play the dance mats game from the BBC Bitesize website?

Dance Mats Touch Typing Games



              Level 1                            Level 2                                Level 3                            Level 4