Headfield CE Junior School

Year 6

While school is temporarily closed, your teacher has set you the following tasks to complete at home. It is important that you complete all of the tasks set for each day and you complete it to the same high standard that you would do in school.

Work for all subject areas, where possible, should be completed in the 1 new exercise book you have been given. 

Date Literacy learning Maths learning Physical activity Other subject learning


Watch the videos about poetry, then complete activity 1.

 Complete your football challenge. Here are the answers.

 PE with Joe Wicks (it doesn't have to be this one).

Leaver’s poem – please write a poem about your memories of Headfield. If you can. post them to school: we’d love to make a memory display! Have the best summer year 6!!


Today we are going to explore a text. You will need this extract.

Finally, a problem to celebrate the return of football. This will take two days. Use the answers to support your problem solving.

Just dance – Ghostbusters.

Today you will learn about a Mexican celebration: ‘Day of the Dead’.


Today we will introduce more characters to a text.

Today we will revise proportion. Here are your questions.

Go Noodle – let’s get moving like The Addams family!

Transition 9 Living well (Try to be a rainbow in someone’s day)


Today we will revise similes and metaphors.

Let's solve problems involving ratio.

 It's our last sport's day activity - one leg balance!

Transition 8

Friendship and fallouts (Make a good impression and smile)


Today’s literacy work is about understanding characters. You will need to read this extract.

Click here for your introduction to Ratio.

 Our Virtual Sport's Day activity today is speed bounce.

Transition 7

What is normal? (Just be you and be happy!)


Practise some more spellings then complete key stage 2 grammar test (H).

If your adult has been able to set you up on numerise maths, complete another lesson on your course.

If they were not able to, practise your maths skills by playing some maths games.

 Let's continue with our virtual sport's day by completing around the clock.

 Mexicans celebrate ‘Day of the Dead’. Click here for your art activity linked to this.


Today we are learning about character impressions. You will need to read the following extract.

Today we are calculating volume (remember the answer is cubed not squared)

Let's continue with our Virtual Sport's Day. Watch today's demonstration on sock keepie ups.

RE – What are your beliefs, values and ambitions?


We are going to continue with our settings work.

Continuing with area of parallelograms today.

 We are going to hold a 'Virtual Sport's Day'. You can use this score sheet if you wish. Watch the demonstration for bottle flips.

Let’s continue our ‘Hola Mexico’ work by learning about Maya Gods. Here is an activity sheet you could use.


Today, we are going to do some work on settings.

Now we will find the area of triangles.

Go Noodle – let’s get jumping!

Transition Be Awesome!


We are very lucky to share some of Westborough High School’s literacy learning. Those heading to Westborough will need to take this work with them on their first week. Those not attending, this literacy unit will help prepare you for highschool English.

We are looking at how to find the area of composite shapes today.

Complete a Joe Wicks workout (it doesn’t have to be this one)

 Transition bounce back ability


Practise some more spellings then complete 2018 SATs practise

Use ttrockstars to practice your times tables, then challenge a member of your family to beat you at Hit the Button.

Let’s do another ‘would you rather’ workout – be careful what you wish for!

Click here for today’s computing activity.


We will continue listening to ‘Holes’, then complete some character predictions.

Work through the activity sheet. Follow each step to solve the problem. Use activity sheet 2 to check your understanding.

PE – creative cricketer.

 Today we are looking at a rite of passage for Christians as they receive the sacrament of Confirmation.


Let’s continue listening to the text, then create a description of Stanley.

Work through the lesson then do the activity sheet.

PE – super striker.

 Today you are going to learn about the Chihuahuan desert.


Let’s continue listening to ‘Holes’, then do the vocabulary task.

Work through the lesson then do the activity sheet.

PE – brilliant bowler.

Today we are looking at ‘Making changes’ There is a message from Mr. Burton – head of Thornhill, but it applies to all secondary schools.


We are starting work around a new text: Holes, by Louis Sachar. Click here to hear the first 3 chapters and answer questions about the text.

Look through the Lesson, then complete the activity sheet choosing 1, 2 or 3 stars. There is an optional sheet to do as well if you wish.

PE  - cool catcher.

Transition – Do we ‘dare to take risks’? Growing up requires us to be more responsible and use our own judgements.


Practise your spellings by clicking here.

Complete https://www.spag.com/ 2019 SATs practise

Ask an adult if they can please follow the instructions here to set you up on numerise maths.

If they are not able to, practise your maths skills by playing some maths games here.

 Today’s Youth Sport Trust activity is ‘Artistic Sports’.

 Can you create a piece of artwork and demonstrate that you understand what the word pattern means? Click here for some inspiration.


We are going to edit and improve our El Caminante story. Click here for the success criteria.

Let’s continue with our fractions work.

Today’s Youth Sport Trust activity is ‘Adventure Sports’.

RE – What is Amrit?


We are going to finish writing our El Caminante story. Click here for the images to help you.

We are moving on to fractions today. Click here to start, then try these testbase questions.

Today’s Youth Sport Trust activity is ‘Team Sports’.

Let’s listen to some Mexican music and do some creative music notation.


We are going to continue writing our El Caminante story. Click here for the images to help you.

Click here to revise negative numbers.

 Today’s Youth Sport Trust activity is ‘Aiming Sports’.

 Transition – let’s unlock our minds’.


We are going to continue writing our El Caminante story. Keep re-watching the film and reading the WAGOLL to help. Click here for the images to help you.

 Let’s practise rounding numbers.

 The Youth Sport Trust Charity have teamed up with Sky Sports to create a ‘National School Sport Week at Home’ to help you keep active. Your parents can set up an account here to access activities, or you can try this at home.

 As our topic is Hola Mexico, we are going to find about the Ancient Maya Civilisation. Click here for today’s History and Geography work.


Today, you will write your second paragraph. Click here for the images to help you.

Use TT rockstars to practise your timestables. You could also practise some maths tasks on hit the button.

Be careful what you wish for! Here’s a fun workout called ‘Would you rather’.  Each choice will mean an activity to follow. Think carefully!

June 8th was World Oceans Day. Can you create a piece of artwork around this year’s theme? Click here for some inspiration.


Today, you will write your first paragraph. Read the WAGOLL first, then check your task.

Today we are going to learn about the order of operations. Click here for your work.

Let’s practise some jumping combinations. You can use socks for markers, or just practise your jumps without items on the floor.

RE – Today, you are going to learn about the rite of passage for a Jewish child. Click here for your work.


We are going to learn about creating tension in writing. Click here for your task.

Today we are going to be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.


Use the place value chart if you need to.  (Remember, multiplying moves to the left. Dividing moves to the right. By 10 = 1 place, 100 = 2 places, 1000 = 3 places.)

 Life is pretty challenging at the moment.  Follow the instructions in this video to help you manage frustration and release any tension that may have built up.

 Science – you are going to learn about light and shadows. Click here for your work.


We are going to learn how to ‘show, not tell’. Click here for your task.

Place value – decimals.

Improve your hand/eye co-ordination with these easy to follow throwing and catching activities.

 YOU ARE AWESOME! We are going to start thinking about high school. Click here for today’s task.


In Literacy this week, we are going to watch a video clip of ‘El Caminante’ to create a descriptive retelling of the story. (The man who walks the tightrope is called El Caminante.)

Click on this link for today’s work. Here is a word mat to help.

Let’s revise multiplication and division.

Watch this video from Yorkshire Sport Foundation and try the game out at home.  


 We are going to start our new ILP – Hola Mexico.

Geography – Let’s find out about Mexico.

If you cannot sketch your own map, ask an adult if you can print this one.


Hot seating.


Try these addition and subtraction word problems.

Word problems

The sock challenge!

Pick a member of your family to play with.

Sock challenge

You should be beginning to think about high school. Over the next few weeks complete the activities in the attached booklet.



Keep a check on your high school's website for further information.


Use the attached information to create a short (3 paragraph) story.

Short story

Keep up with the basics.

Subtracting 4 digits

Enjoy improving your bowling skills.


We have all been making sure we have been washing our hands regularly with soap and water but why?

Carry out this simple science experiment which explains the importance of hand hygiene.

Pepper water


A bit of SPaG today.

Complete one of the activities from your 10 mins SPaG buster.

Back to basics today:

Adding four digit numbers

Let's get back to some mindfulness today.

Space breathing

Don't forget Joe Wicks if you are feeling more energetic.

Joe Wicks

Today we are going to do some music. Listen to your favourite track and complete the evaluation sheet.


Silver and Gold


From your home learning pack complete a 10 mins reading buster.

From your home learning pack complete a 10 mins maths buster. 

Don't forget your times tables, spend 20 mins on TTRockstars.

Let's do some dancing today.


Today I want you to practise gratitude, follow the instructions below.



Read the next two chapters of your class text. 

Choose 5 interesting words, write definitions and find synonyms and antonyms for each word.

From your home learning pack complete Arithmetic 5..

Tune in for your daily dose of Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks

COVID-19 has been around for a few months now. Let's learn a little more about microbes.

Microbes presentation

What is a microbe?


Today we are going to look at some SPaG. Click on the link and follow the instructions.

Similes, Metaphors and Hyperbole

Have a go at a Friday challenge.

Friday challenge

Let's dance today.


Draw your eye in as much detail as possible. Use this clip to help you.

The Eye


Look at the image from the film. Create a script for the trailer.

Film plot

Watch these clips.


Now try the following challenges.

Choose your level.


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Improve your football skills.

Football skills

In our new RE topic, we are looking at how as we grow up, we have more responsibility and are able to make choices that are more important. Promises are part of this choice. It might be to follow religious teachings, tiding your bedroom or promises made to family members or even as you are older, marriage vows. Create a list of important and not so important promises. Write a paragraph about a time when you did not keep a promise. What were the consequences? How did you feel?


It’s time for you to be the teacher! Read chapters 5 & 6 of your class text, now create 6 VIPERS style questions for each of the two chapters.


Feel free to answer these questions yourself afterwards or you could even test a sibling or somebody else in your house.

More mixed questions for you to challenge yourself with today.


Try some peaceful meditation. If the sun is shining, why not try this outside!


Design a plan for a new T-shirt all about yourself.


On this T-shirt you must decorate it with everything that you like and things that represent yourself!

For example, Mr Ellis would include: football, cricket, music, running and PIZZA!

T-shirt template


Each class has got a second text.

Read Chps 3 & 4. Write about one of the characters. Describe their appearance, behaviour and actions. Explain why you have chosen that character.

Consider varying sentence openers, sentence types, varying conjunctions (FANBOYS and ISAWAWABUB) and use of punctuation. Read your writing, does it make sense? Are your ideas clear?


Sentence types

Some more mixed maths questions for you.




Time for Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks

Time to take your pencil for a walk.

Pencil for a walk



Welcome Back!

Read the following extract from the story 'Bill's New Frock' by Anne Fine.

Bill's New Frock

Imagine you have woken up one morning to discover that you are somebody else. Write a short story about your adventures.

Today practise your arithmetic skills. 

In your home learning pack complete arithmetic test 4.

Join in with Joe Wicks everyday live at 9am.

Or try a previous PE session.

Joe Wicks

Gather data about the physical features of your family. Measure their height, gender, shoe size, hand span, arm span, middle digit length and distance from wrist to elbow. Create data cards about each family member. Can you find any patterns or relationships in the data? For example, how does height compare to shoe size or arm span?

What scientific conclusions can you draw?


Happy Eid!

We hope you have a great Eid and enjoy celebrating with your family. No set tasks today just a range of fun activities to do at home.

Colouring            Eid Card                Biscuits recipe

Have a great half term holiday - no work will be set online until 1st June.



Today let's remind ourselves how to use semi-colons,


Another set of mixed reasoning questions for you to get stuck into.

Reasoning mix

Time for some well being.

Wellbeing craft




Let's have a look at some science classification keys.



Re-watch last week's film.

The Rocketeer

Choose one of these tasks:

- design an enemy for him to defeat and create a wanted poster.

- write your own adventure for The Rocketeer (you could do this as a comic strip)

More maths questions for you to challenge yourself with.

Mixed Maths

Try this Hip Hop Dance Tutorial.

Hip Hop

Follow the attached instructions to create a 3d fingerprint which is completely unique to you.

3d print



Each class has been given a second text:

P6 – Matilda

Q6 – Demon Headmaster

R6 –  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

S6 – Skellig

T6 – BFG


Read Chapters 1&2 and summarise the key events using less than 300 words.

Today's mixed maths questions:

Mixed 19


Go Noodle Performance Training.

Performance Training

Fancy entering a competition and supporting our amazing NHS?

Primary Competition

The closing date is 19th June.



Let's look at speech writing today. Click on the link and follow the instructions.

Friends Matter

From your home learning pack complete Arithmetic test 3.

Don't forget to practise on TTRockstars - you could even have a go at the World Record Attempt!

Today we are looking at how to grow strength and confidence.


On Friday you found out more about our local areas and the shops, local services and places of interest it contains. Your task today is to create a leaflet to showcase all we have to offer to new residents.

Watch this video to help you:

Create a leaflet


Write a poem about yourself, a relative, where you live, an event in your life or about life in lock down.  Use this clip ‘How to Write poetry about your life’ to inspire you.  


Let's try a Friday challenge.


 Go Noodle Rainbow Breath. Raise your energy to face your day with this gentle exercise.

Rainbow breath

Log onto Digimap for Schools


username: wf129pd

password: smains4163

Use your postcode or schools. Look at the roads and places that you recognise. Use the digimap of your own area to plot your own address. You could plot the addresses of any relatives that live locally, our school, high school, mosque and any other local places that you would like to. Use the annotations tool bar to get creative!



Following on from yesterday’s film, create a poster to showcase the film. Make sure you use persuasive techniques, alliteration, facts, opinion, exaggeration… make me want to watch your film!

Today we are going to go back to mixed questions.


Enjoy this yoga. It's really good for stretching out your muscles.


Time to Design- Can you imagine your perfect celebration outfit? What would it look like? What would it be made from? How comfortable would it need to be? Design a costume for a celebration of your choice. It could be to celebrate Eid or a birthday or even returning to school (hopefully). Think about the patterns you would like to incorporate on your design and the cultural traditions.


Watch this short film: The Rocketeer

Write a newspaper report of the events in the film.

Remember to include:

Catchy headline

5 W's (who, what, where, when, why)

A quote

Write in the past tense

Today we will revisit ratio, Look in your revision books for top tips.


Move to the beat.

Repeat the Beat

 Create a self portrait. One half of the picture draw yourself. In the second half of the outline you can fill this with things you like.

Look at the following example.

Self portrait


Who is your favourite person in the world? What do you most like about this person? Which qualities do they have?

Think about varying sentence openers, use of conjunctions (FANBOYS) and sentence types. Remember to give reasons for your ideas.

Let's keep mixing it up.

Mix it up


 Tune In To Your World. 

Learn to tune out all of the unnecessary noise and tune in to yourself. Listen to your own mind, your heart and your body! Ask other members of your house to join you in this meditation.

Tune in

Watch this clip on Ramadan:


Interview a member of your house or ask an adult if you can skype/telephone a family member or friend. Ask them about Ramadan and what it means to them. How is the lockdown affecting Ramadan? What impact will it have for Eid celebrations?

Create a fact file for others about Ramadan.


Today we are starting a new topic ID. Look at what you will be covering.


Look up the word 'identity' and write its definition, then find as many synonyms as you can.

Learn these spellings.

Spellings 11/05/20



Complete a 10 mins maths booster or weekly workout. 

Play TTRockstars for 20 mins.

Find out who you are most like in your family.

Who are you like?

Create a personal mind map of your best qualities. Use the following headings: looks, beliefs, opinions, personality, likes and dislikes. 

On a postcard write about the one quality you most proud of. 




Finish reading The Silver Sword and complete your final VIPERS.

Chps 27 & 28

From the information you read yesterday about VE day, create your own information leaflet about this key moment in British history. Try to include as much factual information as possible. 

Try some measuring and converting.

Measuring and Converting

Try some meditation and gratefulness.

Be grateful

Create VE day bunting to help celebrate the 75th anniversary on Friday.

Here are some examples.




Try the following comprehension.

Panda comprehension

Let's try simplifying fractions today.



Try Minecraft yoga.


Learn some more about VE day.

Tea Cup Design


Complete a 10 mins SPaG  booster from your book. 

Revisit your story map for the Silver Sword and add any more destinations to complete it. 

Let's mix it up.



Peace out Guided Meditation.

Moon and Stars

Complete your Make do and Mend mission (pg7 Evaluate). Take a photograph of your amazing new creation.


Read Chps 25 & 26 and answer the VIPERS.

Chps 25 & 26


Complete a 10 mins maths booster or weekly workout. 

Then spend 20 mins on TT Rockstars.

If you are feeling energetic try this fun fitness bingo challenge.


Bingo Board

Bingo cards


Complete the 'make' part of your Make do and Mend mission. 

Now try some  Morse Code.

Morse code


Read Chps 23 & 24 of The Silver Sword and answer the VIPERS.

Chps 23 & 24

Learn these spellings.

Spellings 1/05/20

Today we are looking at volume.


Try this standing yoga sequence.

Standing yoga

Lots of different things to draw today. Clip on the link for inspiration.

Draw with Rob


Today we are going to be thinking about our heroes.


I can checklist

Look at the following mixed reasoning questions.

Mixed maths


Come up with a creative, safe, sport or fitness activity that you can play at home (with your parents permission). Use any equipment you can find.


Today is a family challenge join the online escape room.

Escape room

Hints and tips

Or alternatively design a hero poster based on today's literacy.


Today we are going to create a time capsule for children of the future to learn about life in lockdown. Write a letter to a future child telling them all about your life during lockdown. Think about the main changes you have noticed. 

Let's mix it up today.


Workout with a premier league mascot. There is the added bonus of practising your times tables too!

Super movers 7 x table

Create and decorate a capsule for your letter. You may wish to use an empty jar, tin, plastic bottle or even create one from materials around your house. If you are allowed to - perhaps bury it in the garden. Get permission first!


Look at the BBC bitesize work on verbs and modal verbs.

Verbs and modal verbs

Now complete a 10 mins SPaG booster.

Today we are converting km to miles and vice versa.

Km to miles


Watch this guided meditation from Peace Out.

Magic Treehouse

Carry on with your Make do and Mend project - The final design.

What will you choose to make?


Read the information about Winston Churchill and answer the questions.




Learn the following spellings.

Spellings 270420


From your home learning pack complete Arithmetic test 2.

Try this mindful activity.


If you are feeling energetic head over to Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks

Let's have a look at some WW2 propaganda posters. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the sheet.




Read Chps 21 & 22 and complete VIPERS.

Chps 21 & 22

Log on to Spag.com for another spag challenge.

Have a go at the following problem solving challenges.

Problem solving

Take a few minutes to relax and meditate. Enjoy these breathing exercises.


Try drawing a WWII Spitfire. Follow the step by step instructions.



BBC Bitesize. 

Nouns and Pronouns

Read through the information and complete the different activities. 

Mixed maths questions to make you think.



Create your own indoor or outdoor circuit of five activities to get your hear pumping.

Or instead focus on a healthy body and mind with some mindfulness.

Challenge cards


Look at the different items, can you work out what they are?

What would be the modern day equivalent?

WW2 Household



Think about all the key vocabulary you have learnt from A Child's War and create your own wordsearch or crossword.

Complete 10mins buster reading test.

If you have read all your library books, why not try this website with free digital books.

Digital books

Here are the instructions to help you navigate the website.


When you have read a book try an AR quiz.

Complete 10 mins maths buster test.

Play TTRockstars for 20 mins - challenge a friend.

Create 5 maths word problems based around things in your house. Try to use all four operations.

Try some Yoga today.


Watch the videos and create some origami bookmarks or animals.




Check out the 10 minute challenges below.

10 minute challenges

Try the one set by Nicola Skinner

Try these problems involving all four operations. 

4 operations

Don't forget your daily dose of Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks

Or try


Have a look at these non screen activities. There are plenty to try.

Record your attempts in your book with writing and illustrations.

Non Screen activities

Make a wish. Watch this short clip and make a wish for yourself or someone else.

Make a wish



Read Chps 19 & 20 and answer VIPERS.

Chps 19 & 20

Log on to SPaG.com and complete tests set.


Look at your ratio in your revision books, complete the following questions.

Ratio language



Science dance moves.

Science dance

Then complete the worksheet to carry out the experiment shown.

Science experiment

Complete page 2 of your Make do and Mend booklet


If you want to complete a quiz on your reading book - here is the link.


Practise the following spellings.

Spellings 2.04.20

Complete Ruth's diary.


We would like you to look at graphs. Look through your revision books to find examples of different graphs then answer these questions. 


 Pump it up fitness.

Pump it up

 Learn more about Coronavirus and spend some time talking about it with an adult.

Guide to coronavirus

Complete the worry buster activity. 

Spend some time over the holidays trying some of the activities suggested.


Read Chps 17 & 18 and answer VIPERS.

Chps 17 & 18

Now compare your life with Anne Frank.



Complete today's mixed maths.

Mixed maths

Final day for your class TTRockstars challenge.

 Oti Mabuse dance lesson.

The Greatest showman dance

Or if dancing is not your style, workout with Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks

Fancy a live science lesson?

The Heart

Draw video game characters.

Drawing characters


Write a story including illustrations. As it is April 1st (April fools day) your story must include a character that plays lots of pranks on their friends and family.

Sneaky Sam

Complete today's mixed maths,

Mixed maths challenge

Don't forget to log in to TTRockstars and play against your class.


Create and plan your own 'Joe Wicks'style exercise circuit.

You need:

- a warm up

- a range of activities which raise heart rate (between 5 & 10)

- rest between each activity 

 Joe Wicks session

Read through the attached information.


Share aware

With an adult create individual E-safety posters to inform people how to use the internet safely. 

Once completed compare your posters - can you advise your adult on how to improve their work :)